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Core courses

Numerical Analysis I: Differential Equations
[F15] [F14]
Numerical Analysis II: Linear and Nonlinear Problems
[S16] [S15]
Matrix Computations
Computational Physics
Computational Methods for Nonlinear Systems
Advanced Numerical Methods for Engineers

Other courses

Computer Aided Engineering: Application to Biomedical Processes
Computational Methods in Operations Research
Introductory Finite Element Analysis with Applications
Spectral Methods for Incompressible Fluid Flows
Computational Simulation of Flow and Transport in the Environment
Experimental Methods in Fluid Dynamics
Introduction to the Finite Element Method
Engineering Fracture Mechanics
Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis: Solids
Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis: Structures
Mathematical Methods of Chemical Engineering Analysis
Analysis of Nonlinear Systems: Stability, Bifurcation, and Continuation
Introduction to Computer Graphics
Computer Graphics Practicum
Data-Sparse Matrix Computations
Advanced Interactive Graphics
Realistic Image Synthesis
Computational Motion
Digital Signal Processing
Theory of Linear Systems
Feedback Control
Finite Element Analysis for Mechanical and Aerospace Design
Partial Differential Equations I
Partial Differential Equations II
Mathematical Programming I
Mathematical Programming II
Nonlinear Programming
Interior-Point Methods for Mathematical Progrmaming
Causality and Learning for Intelligent Decision Making
Computational Optimization